Dark Matter Arabica
Dark Matter Arabica

Dark Matter Arabica

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Made in Small Batches.
Ships from Fairview Nova Hub.

All work and no play? Why not try our spin on a cup of coffee — CREM Gelato’s Dark Matter Arabica!

Reward yourself after a long week of work by digging into this smooth, delicious coffee gelato. The coffee base is made from premium Dark Matter Theory beans which highlights a sweet caramelly, chocolatey profile together with subtle fruity notes. You can bet this isn’t just your regular coffee-infused gelato— it’s elegant, refined, and will satisfy every coffee-lover’s palette while letting them indulge in the luxury of gelato.

Dark Matter Arabica is CREM Gelato’s ode to great coffee and a salute to their friends at the EDSA Beverage Design Group community. For work mode, play mode, or anything in between, treat yourself to a tempting tub of Dark Matter Arabica.

  • 12oz Paper Cup
  • Expertly Roasted by EDSA
  • 100% Arabica
  • Smooth Coffee
  • Made with French Cream
  • Quality Ingredients

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