Gianduia Fudge

Gianduia Fudge

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Made in Small Batches.
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With roasted hazelnuts and chocolate straight from Italy, it just doesn’t get more decadent than Gianduia Fudge.

This indulgent gelato boasts of a chocolate hazelnut base inspired by spreads invented in Turin, Italy — reminiscent of your favorite chocolate hazelnut spread, but transformed into irresistible gelato!

Using darker chocolate and a higher ratio of roasted hazelnuts, Gianduia Fudge explodes with flavor and richness. If that’s not enough, running through the gelato is a delectably delicious chocolate fudge that surprises you each time you dig in for more. All of this with CREM Gelato’s signature perfectly-creamy mouthfeel and you’ve got yourself a chocolate-and-hazelnut lover’s dream come true!

One spoonful of Gianduia Fudge just won’t be enough. Elevate your experience when you enjoy it with your favorite pastry — after all, a scoop of gelato with your afternoon croissant or eclair can never be wrong.

  • 12oz Paper Cup
  • Gianduia = Nutella
  • Not Sweet
  • Nutty Chocolate from Italy
  • Made with French Cream
  • Quality Ingredients

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