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Amarena French Vanilla

Amarena French Vanilla

Dark cherries on french vanilla gelato.

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This is not your basic flavor. This is not your basic vanilla. This is not your basic cherry. This is Amarena French Vanilla.

Amarena French Vanilla is a surprisingly delectable pairing of an ultimate refined classic and a one-of-a-kind flavor. First, the unbelievably smooth and luscious French Vanilla base is not the Vanilla gelato you’re used to. It’s made with a custard base which results in a deeper, more intense Vanilla flavor that is also denser, silkier, and creamier. This is Vanilla unlike you’ve ever had it before.

This level-up of a classic is great, but pairing it with the Amarena is what really makes this gelato special. Running through the French Vanilla is a small, dark cherry called the Amarena Cherry. Grown in Modena and Bologna, Italy, the Amarena Cherry is an absolute powerhouse of flavor. It’s bright, zingy, and will leave your mouth watering and wanting more.

These two flavors together make Amarena French Vanilla a quirky, vivid, and sophisticated gelato that will hit the hearts of those who love surprising new finds. If you’re finding yourself bored of the same-old, same-old, then Amarena French Vanilla will take you to an exciting new place.

   • 12oz Paper Cup
   • With Authentic Amarena Bits
   • Not Sweet
   • Quirky and vivid
   • Made with French Cream
   • Quality Ingredients

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
M.C. (Quezon City, Metro Manila)
Perfect balance of vanilla and sour cherry!

I really enjoyed this vanilla and cherry gelato! Will definitely order this one again

catherine a.

I find it too sweet. Its not like the ordinary vanilla flavor we locally have.

Jayson N.

sarap na sarap

Joseph A.

This was a wonderful surprise! Never thought vanilla gelato and cherries go so well together! It's fruity and creamy, sweet and sour, sharp and soft... a lot of contradictions that meld well in your mouth. Add it to your cart now. Seriously. Add it now!

Anna Q.

The cherry is perfectly tangy and the french vanilla is amazingly creamy!