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Loacker Quadratini Matcha Green Tea (Italy)

Loacker Quadratini Matcha Green Tea (Italy)

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Japanese Pleasure in a Cube Shape
Get ready to rediscover taste! Four layers of the refined Matcha cream filling from selected, finely ground Japanese green tea leaves are held by five crispy wafers. Welcome to Japan, the cradle of the noble green tea, which is the specialty of this Quadratini dream. The seedlings grow on the volcanic hills of Japan, sheltered from the rays of the sun. When the time comes, the buds are picked, steamed, dried, and ground, creating the powder that releases an intense aroma.



Our wafers are the essence of pure goodness and they represent the best of Loacker. Their meticulous preparation was first refined with masterly skill by Alfons Loacker and later by his son Armin, who preserved and enhanced the original recipe.

Matcha Green Tea

The story behind matcha, an exquisite variety of green tea from Japan and an ingredient in our most original wafers, has all the magic of a fairy tale.

Our Matcha: Noble Scion of Japan
These green-tea plants grow on the volcanic hills that we see as the backdrop of so many ancient Japanese prints. Month by month they grow luxuriantly, sheltered from the rays of the sun, until the time comes to pluck the youngest buds and the highest leaves. This little aromatic gem is delicately steamed and then dried, its stems and veins removed, and finally ground down. The precious powder is immediately protected from light and oxygen in order to preserve its intense, authentic taste, and its distinct shade of green. Don't be surprised if the taste of a wafer alone is enough to carry you off to a fairy-tale world.

Wheat Flour

True to tradition, only top-quality grains are ground in mills that are close to us at Loacker, where the air and water are pure and the entire process is subject to the strictest quality protocols.

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