Pistacchio Praline
Pistacchio Praline
Pistacchio Praline
Pistacchio Praline
Pistacchio Praline

Pistacchio Praline

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Made in Small Batches.
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Are you ready for the real deal? Because CREM’s Pistacchio Praline has nothing but 100% real pistacchio in it.

Nut substitutes or extenders? Forget about it. This is all pure pistacchio, all day, every day. As a staple flavor of gelato all over the world, pistacchio is a crowd favorite for good reason — it’s comforting, warm, and nutty flavor notes feel just like a big hug. But this isn’t just your ordinary pistacchio gelato. This is CREM Gelato’s Pistacchio Praline.

Running through the smooth and delicious gelato is a swirl of pure pistachio praline — caramelized sugar and roasted pistacchio — making each time you dive in for a spoonful a delightful surprise. After all, no one wants just one flat flavor, right? So get your hands on Pistacchio Praline and enjoy the luxury of pure pistacchio, the exciting bursts of praline, and the top-quality gelato that only CREM Gelato can provide.

   • 12oz Paper Cup
   • Made Without Nut Extenders
   • See "Non Dolce" Variant for Lowest Sweetness Factor
   • Comforting and Warm
   • Made with French Cream
   • Quality Ingredients

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