ClickTheCity: 8 Gelato Shops in Metro Manila to Cool You Down This Summer

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Indulge in the smoother and tastier Italian counterpart of the ice cream!

The sun is definitely shining bright these days, reminding us why we want to just stay at home or take a dip in water every summer. Of course, this strong heat also makes us want to bite onto our favorite cool snacks. One of the most popular desserts for beating the heat is gelato— the Italian version of the all-time favorite ice cream that’s denser and more flavorful!

If you’re craving gelato right now, we’ve got a list for you! We’ve rounded up some of the places in Metro Manila where you can order this delicious frozen treat

Crem Gelato

Crem Gelato takes pride in its velvety smooth offerings. Its owners are backed by the knowledge they received from Carpigiani, an internationally-renowned Italian gelato university, as well as a masterclass under an Italian gelato master.