About CREM Gelato

It all started with a curiosity about food and a love for making people happy.

As a couple, Mark and Shiela loved eating different kinds of food. At home, Shiela would then immediately attempt recreating these dishes again and again until she got it right. Mark, on the other hand, would come home bringing all kinds of different food gadgets to try — from dehydrators, to waffle makers — and until one day, he brought home an ice cream maker. 

Mark has always loved ice cream and felt that it would be fun to try making it at home. They experimented with different recipes and flavors, and even began bringing their ice cream to Shiela’s office. It was a hit!

People loved their ice cream and the great feedback encouraged them to keep exploring and experimenting. 

But more than the validation they were receiving, what the couple loved more was the experience of bringing joy to people. Officemates, friends, and neighbors were so delighted by their ice cream that they even began ordering from Shiela. Knowing that they made people happy kept the couple pursuing this craft.

While the ice cream making was going well, there was also a frustration that came with self-learning.

They wanted to experiment with more flavors, but every time they added different ingredients, they wouldn’t necessarily get the best results. Each ingredient had a different property that the couple needed in depth understanding of in order to create the perfect balance, and that’s when they realized that they needed to level up their gelato mastery.

This pushed them to look into Carpigiani, an internationally-renowned Italian gelato university. Considered to be one of the best in the world, Carpigiani teaches its students the art and science of gelato making. Led by her curiosity and drive to create better products, Shiela enrolled in the school’s Singapore institution. Here, she learned the foundations of gelato making from scratch. 

But this wasn’t enough. To take it the extra mile, the couple pursued masterclass abroad under an Italian gelato master who is one of the best in the world when it comes to the art and science of gelato making. Here they learned about gelato on a more scientific approach. They learned about the importance of understanding the function and properties of every ingredient.

This experience was an absolute game-changer for Mark and Shiela because it truly broke down every single aspect of the craft. This was not your ordinary gelato making course — this is for those who truly want to be the best in the game.

Back in the Philippines and armed with the mastery and know-how, Mark and Shiela knew that they wanted to spread the joy of gelato.

While the road was not always smooth and there were struggles behind the scenes, the humble couple persisted on their big dream to share happiness one gelato pint at a time. Thus, they finally launched what we now all know and love as CREM Gelato.