Our Journey

From Curiosity to Gelato

Crem Gelato's is a story embroidered from threads of culinary curiosity and great, tender love for making other people happy. A journey that started with two lovers uniting in their love for gastronomy would turn into two years of transforming their kitchen into the crucible of creativity.

The journey began with Sheila's desire to master the culinary arts and replicate the flavors they were finding on their dining escapades. Mark's affection for kitchen gadgets finally resonated with him when he walked through the door with an ice cream maker. And so, sparks flew and fire blazed the trail to gelato dominance.

Homemade ice cream was the boast among colleagues and friends, and it made their home a sanctuary for happiness. The twinkle in people's eyes brought about by happiness was the fire to the couple more than the commendation for perfecting their craft.

But with every taste of success, they wanted to up their game. Their hunger, however, was more than just for applause; they were in need of understanding and balance in their creations. This is what led Shiela to the sanctum where the science and soul of gelato come together: Carpigiani Gelato University in Singapore.

It was insatiable in their thirst for knowledge. They went to a master class with an Italian gelato maestro, in search of control over the ingredients' depth and the interplay. This was more than an education; this was an odyssey toward becoming a connoisseur of gelato science.

Mark and Shiela were on their way back home to the Philippines, not just with refined vision but with unprecedented expertise, not to mention a fine Italian gelato that they promised to share with their people. Although the going was tough at every turn, their dream had finally crystallized into what is now the CREM Gelato that people know and love.

Inside every pint of Crem Gelato there lives a legacy of a couple's dream, the richness of true Italian technique, and pure joy in creating smiles. Join us in this continuing story where each scoop is a chapter of happiness, served from our heart to your home.