We want you to have the simplest, easiest buying experience possible. But we know you might have a few questions. Read on for details about purchasing, shipping, checking order status, returns, and more. 

CREM Gelato FAQs

1. How to order?
Click the LINK IN BIO at our Instagram @cremgelato or click here to go to
Start shopping via “Shop Now” be sure to choose nearest CREM Gelato Hub to desired shipping address.
C. After shopping, proceed to checkout, select shipping/pickup and payment method.

2. How to pay?
GCash (preferred) or Credit Card / Debit Card
1. We accept GCash (preferred), Visa and MasterCard.
2. Our payment partner accepts a wide variety of debit cards from BPI, BDO, including cards that need 3D Secure verification (aka one time pin or OTP).
Pickup Strictly 1-2PM Only: GCash (preferred), Credit Card / Debit Card, or Cash on Pickup (Update: Cash option is not available due to Covid-19 safety measures)
1. We will notify via SMS and Email when order is ready for pickup. Address and contact number will be sent too.
2. Please take note of your order number. Kindly SMS or DM us your order number/name and pickup/rider details immediately after booking.

3. What flavors do you have?
All flavors shown in the menu are IN STOCK. Availability of flavors varies per CREM Gelato Hub. Please make sure to select which one’s closer and convenient for you to shop.

4. How about the shipping fee?
Shipping fee and special packing offers will be calculated on checkout.

5. Can I order from 2 different stores?
No, we allow one cart per shipping address only. We pack and fulfill your orders from the selected CREM Gelato Hub.

If orders were placed from multiple CREM Store Hubs, it will get cancelled by one of our Gelatobots.

6. How soon will my orders get ready for pick-up?
Pickup orders will be ready for pickup in 60 minutes or less. Slide us a DM so we can send you photo updates! Edit: Pickup Strictly on Wednesdays only, 11am-12pm.

7. When can I expect my order to arrive?
We start packing your orders as soon as payment is acknowledged in our system. It should reach you within 2 hours or sometimes less.

8. What areas can you take orders from?
We can serve practically anywhere in the metro reachable by Happy Move.

Due to the nature of our product, please consider your distance from our CREM Gelato hubs. Travel time should be no longer than 30 minutes from dispatch, and no farther than approximately 15km. Order 4 tubs or more to help keep the gelato frozen.

9. Do you have a store?
No, we don’t have a physical store; We’re a budding creative micro-gelateria online shop. Find us here. Follow us in Instagram @cremgelato for updates and exciting flavors!

10. Can we buy in bulk?
For bulk orders, please send us a DM.


Thanks for reading the whole thing!


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