Building BETT3R Together: Our Journey to a New Crem Gelato Experience

Building BETT3R Together: Our Journey to a New Crem Gelato Experience

Back in 2020, we launched Crem Gelato in the midst of uncertainty. The world was changing rapidly, and so were we. With a passion for delivering indulgent gelato straight to your doorstep, we took every challenge head-on. We learned many lessons and faced countless challenges as we built our brand from scratch.

Remember the old box? This was the first prototype.

Our journey to BETT3RSTORE has been filled with successes and failures, but one thing remained constant: our unwavering commitment to our customers. Behind the scenes, we constantly tweaked our recipes based on your constructive messages. This dedication to improvement has made our flavors more balanced and satisfying than ever.

Another success was our gelato boxes. Both my wife and I are Fine Arts graduates — I'm from Industrial Design, and she's from Advertising Arts. We used to play around with corrugated boxes for school projects, often scrambling to meet submission deadlines. Little did we know that this passion would lead us to tackle similar challenges at Crem Gelato, crafting sturdy corrugated boxes that protect our gelato during delivery and ensuring each scoop reaches you in perfect condition.

When we became super OC... in the kitchen!

It's funny to think we started with a simple WordPress site that looked like Linktree, filled with oversized buttons. Very basic stuff. Since then, we've evolved to a full-fledged ecommerce platform. Just like how we see corrugated boxes now as mediums of value and image, we once viewed them as toys, a source of grades, and a looming deadline.

We're not quite there yet — there's still a lot to smooth out and refine. We hope you'll bear with us while we continue improving. Every drop of sweat poured into this project was for you, and we sincerely hope you'll appreciate it.

Can't go wrong with big, round buttons.

But we know things could be shaky as we soft-launch this new website. If you find a glitch, a corner that needs improving, or just notice a bad cut, don't hesitate to reach out and message us. After all, it's the connected community we've built through our dedicated delivery riders that makes Crem Gelato special.

As a small token of appreciation, we're offering a special free delivery promo. Use the code BETT3RSTORE at checkout for FREE Delivery on your next order! Just make sure to add at least four tubs to your cart.

Promo Terms:
Type: Free Shipping on all products
Minimum Purchase: 4 tubs
Customers: All customers
Valid until: Unannounced

We're grateful for your unwavering support and for being part of this journey with us. Like Thomas Edison once said,

"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time."

Here's to embracing the challenges ahead and building a BETT3RSTORE together. Let's continue exploring new flavors, creating unforgettable memories, and celebrating the joy of gelato!


To celebrate this low-key launch, here's a picture of my Magnum ice cream. And now, time to sleep! :)

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