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Mystery Flavor

Mystery Flavor

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Rachelle M.

Part of father's day gift. I wanted a surprise flavor. Good combo of dark (?) chocolate and I also tasted a hint of coffee maybe? I like the subtle hints of bitterness. I just didn't get the oreo flavor though.

Alanna V.

I had trouble picking one flavor and so I ended up choosing the mystery cup. I was not disappointed 👌🏻 This is a perfect way to try the other flavors.

Mark C.

Kiwi could have stronger flavors, but still great.

Pauline V.

Cherry French Vanilla is the absolute best! The balance of tanginess or the sour cherries and the creaminess of the vanilla base is divine, and can't wait for more!

Pauline V.

This honey pecorino is definitely more balanced than the previous mystery flavor batches! There's a lot more pecorino bits, and the honey tones are more distinct. The honeycomb provides a good contrast in texture too. Not the biggest fan of this flavor but happy I got to try more of it!