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Sorbetto di Limone

Sorbetto di Limone

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Clean, refreshing, and reinvigorating. If you’re looking for a dessert to wake up your senses and cleanse the palette, CREM Sorbetto di Limone is your best bet.

It all started when an Italian chef specifically approached CREM Gelato with a mission: to create the perfect sorbetto to reset and refresh palettes at his dinner club. And that was exactly what they did when they created Sorbetto di Limone. This bright and tart treat isn’t your average crushed ice and lemon juice — it’s an elevated sorbetto that’s made with hand-pressed lemons and attention to detail at every step. This means you will never get any unwanted peel, seeds, or acids. What’s more, you’ll find the quality expected of CREM Gelato, which means this sorbetto has incredible smoothness and luxuriousness without any dairy. Did we mention that this dessert qualifies as vegan? So you can enjoy this summer treat guilt-free!

You can even get creative and use it as a base for slushies or cocktails. It’s the perfect, cooling base that your tastebuds will thank you for.

So whether you want to cool off from the summer heat, end a heavy meal with something light, or simply awaken your senses, grab a tub of CREM Gelato Sorbetto di Limone now.

   • 12oz Paper Cup
   • Hand-squeezed Lemons
   • Not Sweet
   • Unbelievably Dairy-Free (V)
   Super Smooth Mouthfeel
   • Quality Ingredients

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Jeffrey Santiago (San Juan, Metro Manila)

Sorbetto di Limone

Elyzah Maie (Quezon City, Metro Manila)

Sorbetto di Limone

Ricci Neefe (San Francisco, California)

Very lemony and tart! I like it tart, but this batch was too tart! Really tart & sour! But will order again to see it was a fluke!

Hello, Ricci! We had to open another tub to double check and compare (vs. our retaining samples) and yep, this batch packs a glaring tartness. How we wish all fresh lemons taste the same, :) but since it's not.. let us improve the flavor balancing and create checks to standardize this fresh fruit flavor. We really appreciate your honest review and letting us know!

Jayson N.

sarap na sarap

Mark C.

Refreshing sorbetes for the summer. :)